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Bona Australia

Bona Australia

Official Australian Bona Distributor

Sanding Machines Diamond Plate Discs G 30 and G 70
Sanding Machines Diamond Plate Discs G 30
Sanding Machines Diamond Plate Discs G 70

Bona Diamond Plate Discs

  • Overview

    Bona Diamond Sanding Plate Discs are designed for the removal of hard lacquers, Black Japan and adhesive residues, as well as for flattening uneven hardwood floors. Use as a first step prior to the standard sanding sequence when extra coarse sanding is needed. The design of the diamond segments counteracts clogging and ensures a sustained high removal rate. The 150mm discs are designed to be used with the Bona FlexiSand 1.9 equipped with a PowerDrive Connect or PowerDrive. They can also be fitted on hand-held machines.

    Compatible with PowerDrive, PowerDrive Connect, other hand-held machines
    Disc diameter 150mm
    Grit 30, 70
  • Tech Data & Safety Sheets

    Download Bona Diamond Plate Discs Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.

  • Brochure

    Download Bona Diamond Plate Discs Sales Brochures.

Key Features

  • Minimal clogging
  • Removal of hard lacquer
  • Flattening uneven hard wood floors
  • Removal of tough materials such as adhesives
  • Removes residues, Black Japan, etc

Video: Bona Power Drive

Video: FlexiSand w' PowerDrive Connect & Ergo Edge