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Bona Australia
Bona Australia
Bona Prime Classic

Bona Prime Classic

  • Overview

    For general use and ideal for Pine and light coloured species

    Bona Classic is designed for general use but should not be used on high tannin timber species. Bona Classic is particularly suitable for softwood plank floors such as Pine and parquetry floors where greater movement is associated with both the species of timber and the construction of the floor. Bona Classic has an exceptionally low VOC content and is ideal for use where the aim is to keep the timber as light in colour as possible.

    • Ideal for softwood and light coloured species
    • Non-toxic
    • Non-yellowing
    • Seals the timber to give an even finish
    • Reduces grain raising
    • Minimises the risk of edge bonding
    • Dries quickly, lower cost than top coats
    • TVOC 24 g/Lt
    • 8 m2/Lt coverage
    • Drying time 1-2 hours
  • Tech Data & Safety Sheets

    Download Bona Prime Classic Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.

  • Brochure

    Download Bona Prime Classic Sales Brochures.