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Bona Australia
Bona Australia

What is the Bona system?

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Bona's mission is to bring out the best in timber floors. As the world’s leading supplier to the timber flooring industry Bona supply everything required to install, prepare, coat and maintain a timber floor. The Bona system ensures that a specifier, contractor or homeowner can have complete confidence that every Bona product is compatible with any other Bona product. Whether you are installing a floor with adhesive, specifying a finish system or cleaning your living room there is a Bona product for you.

A true innovator

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With Bona, you are always at the cutting edge in terms of techniques and products. By using the Bona System you know that you are always offering your customers the most advanced products on the market.

For instance, Bona introduced their first water-based finish into the market in 1980. Bona have continued to develop new innovative water-based products bringing higher performance with lower environmental impact. The latest innovation is Bona Traffic HD which has only 44g / Lt VOC content but gives over 60% better wear resistance than the original Bona Traffic combined with full use of commercial floors only 24 hours after the last application. To meet the needs of all commercial sites Traffic HD Anti-slip is also available with a slip resistance rating exceeding the required P3 standard needed for hospitality venues, some retail outlets and both commercial and domestic stairs.

As a specifier you are working with the world leader in timber floor finishing products and with Bona's extensive range will always have the right product for the job.

Environmental responsibilities

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All industrial activity affects the environment. Bona takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. In January 2001 Bona Sweden became ISO 14001 certified. This international standard for environmental management systems, stating how environmental work is to be carried out within a company, requires Bona to make continuing changes and improvements to reduce the environmental impact of the company through all of the facets of its operations. As part of their commitment in February 2009 Bona stopped producing solvent based finishes in Europe and in 2010 they stopped making solvent based adhesives.

Bona water-based finishes have far less impact on the environment compared to solvent products and even in comparison to some other water-based finishes. More recently Bona have made further changes to products across their finishes and adhesives ranges to meet the requirements of the German DIBt standard which controls emissions and ensures good indoor air quality. All Bona finishes contain less than 100 grams per litre or 9.9% - well within the EU Standard of 140g / Lt and Green Star requirements.


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Bona Australian distributor

Bona Australia offer technical support such as product information, samples, specification paragraphs, maintenance schedules and practical advice regarding site related issues. With the benefit of the knowledge and experience of Bona you can be assured of achieving the correct specification to meet your client’s needs. Contact Bona Australia directly on 1300 882 806.