The next generation of timber floor protection features the look and feel of pure wood.

Imagine a system which allows you to feel the texture of the timber whilst barely changing the look of the surface. Engineered without a traditional matting system Bona Naturale has a sheen level of only 6%.

Walking on to a Naturale floor you can’t see the protective coating only what appears to be a raw unfinished timber floor and yet Naturale has a resistance to wear designed for commercial environments. Not only can you see the natural appearance of the wood but the surface feels like wood under your feet.  Naturale is a unique Bona development made predominantly from renewable resources, no mineral oil or polymer, and contains oils, high quality PU and haptic creators.

The Bona Naturale system is comprised of Bona Naturale Base and Naturale 2-Component. To achieve the look and feel of pure wood no other finishes can be used with the Naturale products, although if a floor is to be stained Bona DrIFast stain can be specified.  Due to its extremely matt nature Bona Naturale can be easily spot repaired as can be seen in the presentation below. 

Only from the most technologically advanced timber floor coatings manufacturer in the world could such a product have come.

Technical Data Sheet Base

Technical Data Sheet Finish

Slip resistance certificate

Material Safety Data Sheet Base

Material Safety Data Sheet Finish

Material Safety Data Sheet Hardener