Bona Certified Contractor Program

The Bona Certified Contractor program (BCCP) is by invitation only. It is for contractors who prefer to use Bona non-toxic finishes instead of solvent finishes and who demonstrate professionalism in their work practices.

Members of the program are required to make Bona finishes their first recommendation for all timber floors. Other finish systems will only be used if instructed by an architect or property owner.

Bona Certified Contractors are encouraged to use the latest machinery to give the best possible results for their clients. Contractors who use the Bona Dust Control system to give dust free sanding or who offer specialised cleaning services with the Bona PowerScrubber system are indicated within the BCCP contractor listing.

Your Bona Certified Contractor has signed a legal undertaking to abide by the requirements of the program including:
  • To recommend and use Bona non-toxic finishes
  • Use the complete Bona finish system as recommended by Bona
  • Provide information regarding on-going care of your Bona finished floor
  • Hold a current policy for public liability insurance (minimum cover $5 million)
  • Meet any relevant state statutory building licence requirements
  • Adhere to relevant health and safety regulations
  • Conduct business in a professional manner